Avyttra företagets vagnpark med Transiett

Cars in a store

Vi värderar din bil i hela europa för maximalt pris inför din försäljning

  • Fri värdering online
  • Bud inom 24 timmar
  • Kontroll, betalning och upphämtning

För företag

  • Vi tar hand om allting
  • Ingår alltid avhämtning
  • Vi löser leasing/kredit
  • Höst betalt med priser från hela EU

Vi köper bilar som är 8år och nyare och har max 19.000mil

Fördelar med att anlita Transiett för ditt företag

Ni tjänar pengar

Vi säljer er bil till ett marknadsmässigt pris direkt till slutkund i hela Europa

Ni sparar tid

Vi sköter all värdering, förhandling, avslut, transporter m.m.

Ni gör ingenting

Men har full koll på hela processen, vi sköter allt åt er!



67 +

partners and growing

10000 +

imported/exported cars

2000 + mkr


How we work

Sell your car in four easy steps

Talk with us

We look at the vehicle's history, equipment, condition, maintenance performed as well as any defects. Together with our customers we reach a fair evaluation of your car.

We check the car

One of our drivers visits you and does a rundown of the car, so that it matches the specifications described in our previous conversations.

Let's deal

The driver brings with him a prepared contract that is easily and smoothly signed with Digital ID.

Money on your bank

The money is in your account within 15 minutes.

About us

When it's important you want to talk to someone. Talk with us.

Buying or selling a car is no small undertaking. Dealing with large sums of money needs to feel safe for the buyer as well as the seller. A good deal is always rooted in good communication and understanding between both parties. We mediate a good deal for both - where the seller and the buyer are happy! This is why we have very many satisfied customers year after year.

A young man in beard and a beanie drives a car