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Buying or selling a car is no small undertaking. Dealing with large sums of money needs to feel safe for the buyer as well as the seller. A good deal is always rooted in good communication and understanding between both parties. We mediate a good deal for both - where the seller and the buyer are happy! This is why we have very many satisfied customers year after year.



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Transiett is a full service car export/import company from Sweden. Our main goal is to be the natural business partner for the export and import of cars across the continent. With extensive experience from the automotive industry and a unique expertise in exports, we create business benefits for our customers.

We have built a company that is very easy to scale up and down to be able to react with the market changes and based on our clients needs. Transiett consists of a head office in Stockholm where the management and sales team sit. We have a large number of chauffeurs who pick up and test cars around Sweden for our customers on a daily basis.

If you want to know more about our company, you are welcome to book a free consultation with us.

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With passion for good customer service.

John Lindholm

John Lindholm

John comes from a background within the car industry. He started his career at Toyota in 2013 and worked there for about 2 years before moving on to Riddermark AB. He started as a sales representative, but quickly advanced to sales manager over Riddermark. John worked there during their biggest expansion and was one of the key people who built the company to what it became. After traveling the world for 6 months John went back home to Sweden and started Transiett.

Olle Sol Lärka

Olle Sol Lärka

Olle has had deep interest in cars and motorcycles from early childhood but his career has been in the real estate developing industry and he has a degree in Construction engineering. He worked at a real estate development company called Besqab AB as a projektmanager between 2015 and 2018. Later that year Olle and John started Transiett.

Marcus Auvinen

Marcus Auvinen

Our sales manager, with more than 14 years experience in the car industry! He started changing tires at his father’s tire company when he was 15 years old which inspired his car interest. The goal was to sell cars and at the age of 24 he finally took a position at Riddermark bil within sales after he finished studies. After successful sales numbers and achieved goals he was recruited to Transiett and the story goes on. Each month Marcus make sure Transiett buy, sell and export a minimum of 200 cars. He has a team of 3 sales reps that together strives for the same goals.